Film composer Chanda Dancy is known for her rich musical scores, providing engaging music for films playing in festivals such as Cannes Film Festival, Tribecca Film Festival, Sundance, and Slamdance. Besides composing, Chanda is also a versatile multi-instrumentalist and gifted vocalist, having performed across the United States.

Chanda is a recipient of the 2002 BMI Pete Carpenter Fellowship for Aspiring Film Composers and the 2004 APM/YMF Music Business Award, where she was honored alongside great film composer, John Williams. In 2009, Chanda was selected for the prestigious Sundance Film Composer Lab. Over the last decade she has become sought after for her own signature sound and dramatic point of view.

Chanda is most noted for her collaboration with filmmaker Ted Chung on films such as “A Thousand Words”, “Mike’s”, and “I.D”. She also scored the Peruvian movie “La Navaja de Don Juan”, “Unmentionables” and the horror film directed by Ning Jungwu, “Lift to Hell,” which saw huge box office success in China.

Chanda is also the founder and president of CYD Post (pronounced “sid”), a company dedicated to providing music and sound artistry for films and various other multimedia platforms.



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